January 1, 2011

Duo Los Ahijados
Kubaney MT-139

Duo Los Ahijados, front

Happy New Year to all of you !
Thank you for your kind wishes and let’s make 2011
a new musical share-year like none before, long live the internet.
To start off, an album on Kubaney with music from the Dominicans.
Brothers Cuco and Martin Valoy are back with a fine LP of son and
guajira. Recover slowly with this laid back latin sound.


1 Amargado
2 El vacilon de pantaleon
3 No me sabes querer
4 Don Lengua
5 Quiero un vacilon
6 Prendela
7 El lunar
8 Vuelve otra vez
9 La puchunguita
10 Mariposita nocturna
11 Nadie me quiere
12 Esa eres tu


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  1. Gonzalez on Speed 1 January 2011 at 19:22 - Reply

    Happy New Year Moos !!

    from my new download location Boquete, Chiriqui – Panama for the next 3 months ;-D
    Highly recommended to skip winter in
    Holland jajajaja

    Thanks for all the great musical gifts in 2010 – looking forward for another incredible year from the best blog on the planet !

  2. arnaud 2 January 2011 at 12:50 - Reply

    happy New Moos !

  3. disfunksean 2 January 2011 at 20:06 - Reply

    I always look forward to a posting of Duo Los Ahijados. This is such wonderful music. Thank you and Happy New Year!

  4. Estrella Eguino 7 January 2011 at 20:29 - Reply

    Happy New Year GG!!

    My man has been on an “anything-that-looks-like-could-be-interesting-vinyl-rootsy-good-cuban-music-kick” since he met me ten years ago.

    Wednesday he beamingly showed me a couple of Nino Bravo’s (who was Argentinian, mind you) records, Jose, Jose’s ‘Secretos’ -which has the other two songs after his breakthrough ‘La Nave del Olvido’ that I like by this honeyed-voice Mexican entertainer, and a 1976 vinyl with two black men on the cover wearing funky shirts and clashing head caps. I’d never heard of Los Ahijado’s before and frankly, with songs like ‘Timoteo’, ‘Bembeteo’ and ‘La Receta del Curandero’ who could possibly resist not believing they are a couple of low-budget comedians?

    Today we put to work our 1978 Magnavox record player and heard it. It was OFF-THE-CHAIN! Had to Google these guys and came upon your blog. Love it!

    Cuco and Martin Valoy are two Dominican dudes who specialized in ‘Cuban Son Montuno’. ‘El Jibarito’ was one of his favorites to play on the piano and probably the first one I learned to play too. It was mixed in ‘Bembeteo’ and when I heard it I immediately called him up. I hadn’t talked to my father since his birthday December 20th. He turned seventy-nine. His eyesight is shot to hell, and the day is nearing when he won’t be around. This song will always reming me of him.

    These artists are awesome, and I again marvel at the subtle, intelligent current of the Universe. I’m bookmarking your blog. Thank you.

  5. Odara 4 December 2012 at 02:45 - Reply

    amigo te agradecería que lo vuelvas a subir gracias.

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