January 15, 2011

Merengues – Alberto Beltrán y su ConjuntoTípico, ‘El Negrito del Batey’,Ansonia SALP 1531, 1975

Alberto Beltran, front

Some Merengue from it’s origination for you today.
Alberto Beltrán was one of the Dominicans who made
this music big. Great stuff for lovers of accordeon music
‘like me’ said the nutcase. Master voice, master sound.
This LP contains the song that gave Alberto his nickname,
‘El negrito del Batey’. A fast saturdaynight dance album, enjoy.


1 Caña brava
2 La empaliza
3 La yuca
4 El hombre marinero
5 A bailar
6 Compadre Pedro Juan
7 El negrito del Batey
8 A lo oscuro
9 Siña Juanica
10 La cruz de palo bonito
11 La maricutana
12 El sancocho prieto


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  2. MrFab 29 July 2014 at 18:11 - Reply

    A belated gracias for the merengues. Mi mucho gusto!

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