February 12, 2014

Les Docteurs du Rythme – Haiti goes Latin, Ansonia

Les Docteurs du Rythme, front

As some of you visitors may know, I am no lover
of instrumentals. Today we have something out of
the ordinary in that perspective. Haitian Compas
is a type of folkmusic in which I can dig it if not
too much. This lp by Les Docteurs du Rythme contains
both songs and instrumentals. It took me some time to
understand the flow in compas, but eventhough it
has a kinda corny side, I start liking it more
and more. I still prefer the songs though,
come and give it a try as well and start
digging Haitian compas.

I’m sorry the lp’s a-side is a bit out of centre so
the music gets a little false towards the end.


1 Ven pa’ el medio del salon
2 On ne vit pas
3 Helena
4 Ce pas fot moin
5 All in one
6 Mambo de fuego
7 Rose marie
8 Acropolis
9 Les divorces
10 Tu t’en vas


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