April 13, 2014

African Brothers Int. Band of Ghana Okwaduo
“Wodee Wokoo na Wonuanom”

African Brothers, front

I think we had some twelve of their records in the past. Lp’s by
these guys keep appearing time after time and I have no idea
how many they made. Here’s one I recently found, good thing
it is in reasonable condition. The problem with Ghanaian lp’s
from that era is mostly the poor shape they are in. So, don’t
hesitate and get it while you can. Have a nice sunday..
The lp’s backsleeve and label speak of 11 songs only,
however, the album itself contains 12 tracks, if anyone can
tell us the correct title of track #12, please do so..


1 Okwaduo
2 Ma anoma nua
3 Eye koko
4 Obra pa
5 Abotokura
6 Yenko yemma
7 Nkran abrabo
8 Owuo begya hwan
9 Enne ye nna
10 Medee beba
11 Mede ama nyame
12 Mystery track


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  1. Kantinka 7 May 2017 at 01:29 - Reply

    The Title of Track 12 is: Mede Ama Nyame (Translated: I leave it to God)

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