May 31, 2014

Okukuseku International Band of Ghana
Yebre Ama Owou, Rogers All Stars RAS 007, 1981

Okukuseku, front

Good morning groovers around the globe, today you are
one of the luckiest downloaders imaginable. This lp is not
only one of his very best, it is from 1981 but in mint condition.
Kofi Samy and his Okukuseku International Band of Ghana
is here to make you dance and dance, it is sheer impossible
to remain seated while listening to the groovy beats and
sounds they produced on this album. Quite some Ghanaian
groups went to Nigeria to record their music but this is
one of my very favourites. Give it a chance and get it
while you can, groovalicious globadelic sweeets..

I tried to keep this lp waiting for the new page to be
ready but I could not resist any longer. By now you
must think, will this page ever appear at all ?
I understand, my engineer is doing his
work on voluntary base and I can’t
force things, just hang on..
It will come..


1 Yebre ama owou
2 Awurade kasa
3 Empa aba
4 Maria
5 Wiase ne obra
6 Ode ama ne mma


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