June 22, 2014

I.K. Dairo & his Blue Spots
the Green Eagles of Nigeria
Star 1976

I.K. Dairo, front

Yesterday we tried to support Ghana with it’s game
against Germany and it seems we booked a tiny succes.
They played 2 – 2 and it was a great match. Last night we
had Nigeria against Bosnia-Herzegovina, I am too late to
give them our support with this lp but they gained their 3
points anyway. Listen to I.K. Dairo’s tribute to the Green
Eagles of Nigeria and enjoy, 1976 juju from the top shelf..


1 Irohin ayo t’ode b’awa
– Ohun t’ojuri ni addis-ababa
– Green Eagles
2 Bi mo ba r’ajo
– Lawrence idonije
– Ere mi a d’ale
– T.o.a. ajiboye
– Adeniran aluko
– Iku ye l’ori mi tefetefe


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