January 24, 2015

General Smilie & Papa Michigan –
Rub-a-Dub Style, Studio One 1979

Michigan and Smilie, front

Michigan and Smilie, back

We knew them as Michigan and Smilie but here on their first
lp they are still called General Smilie and Papa Michigan.
They scored big time with their hits Rub-a-Dub Style and the
second song on this lp, Nice Up the Dance. Being one of the
first duo’s, they caused a craze for this type of reggae, they
toured Europe early eighties. I saw them in the Amsterdam
Paradiso. On the famous Studio One label, produced by
the great Sir Cocksone Dodd who also arranged it and
took care of all engineering and sound recording.
Don’t you just love their style, towell and all..
It was big fun those days.


1 Rub-a-dub style
2 Nice up the dance
3 Thank you jah
4 Compliment to studio one
5 Time to be happy
6 Eye of danger


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