January 7, 2015

Scarpview’s Band – Si No Pi
led by Okai Ameyaw

Scarpview's Band, front

Okay Ameyaw

I have no idea what our guest of today is talking about
at the beginning of this album. Only tell me if you think
I would want to know. I’ve told you before, sometimes
we just better listen without wondering. I hadn’t heard
of Scarpview’s Band until I found this lp at the fair
recently. The highlife sounds nice, the album is
clean, for Ghanaian lp’s from the era this is a
rare thing, unfortunately the frontsleeve is
damaged a little bit. Listen to ‘Si No Pi’
and let me know what you think..


1 Mmoborowa
2 Enkyekye wo n’afe
3 Yeaba na yen koro mu
4 Si no pi
5 Afeda ben
6 Asomaniwa


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  1. kwabena boakye 8 January 2015 at 14:49 - Reply

    Thank you Moos, and yeah its safe to tell u what that starting song is, since it has nothing to do with religion, I know thats what u want to avoid… its a song about a pauper or a poor person or an orphan… someone who deserves pity. He explains how he has nobody to look up to, both parents are gone etc… these songs are sad and I dont know but it seems they used it to remind themselves to be humble or to sympathise with somebody out there going through the same situation and similar bands like Ogyatanaa have songs with similar tittles… such songs would be irrelevant today because people now need motivation and upliftment but all the same its a nice rhythm… I wonder where they used to get their band names from… i know a band name like cutlass band was inspired by the farming profession, pelicans were probably inspired by the fishing coast, diamonds or nuggets had to do with mining areas and those brigade bands were related to military groups etc but a band name like scarpview is a mystery… these albums always have something interesting about them, either a good song, an interesting name or an interesting cover artwork…. keep them coming

    • Moos 8 January 2015 at 15:48 - Reply

      right on !
      Thank you Kwabena for the info, sad, but sad can be beautiful too..
      I like the sound and atmosphere nevertheless.
      This sunday I’m gonna meet with some Belgian friends that brought back
      a bunch of records from Ghana, hope it’s worth the drive. You’ll hear about
      it soon, meantime, all the best for 2015, greetings from the Netherlands..

      • kwabena boakye 9 January 2015 at 02:31 - Reply

        am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best…happy new year to you

  2. glinka21 8 January 2015 at 17:02 - Reply

    Thanks much, Moos!

  3. Kwame Bediako 8 January 2015 at 19:27 - Reply

    This is off tangent but The Cutlass band was started and provisioned by the Kumasi entrepreneur, Addai ‘Cutlass’ who used to manufacture, of course, cutlasses for the forested belt of Ghana. He would later start a traditional ‘Nyomkro’ outfit and a Gospel Band.

    • kwabena boakye 9 January 2015 at 02:28 - Reply

      thanks for the info Kwame, Its always great to have more insight….. I also remember seeing some of his cutlass shops in adum, kumasi … His contribution to the farming profession by manufacturing cutlasses is immense, its only right that the band was named after him

  4. Mike D. 4 March 2015 at 05:11 - Reply

    Never heard this one before, thanks Moos!

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