January 21, 2015

Tony Sarfo & his Afrosibi Gang – Little Angel
A.T.M. Records 1985

Tony Sarfo, front

Okay Kwabena, let’s do one with the funky highlife field
marshall, Tony Sarfo composed and arranged all songs
on this album. He is backed by the Afrosibi gang in which
also Sammy Cropper plays his part. This time he does the
Bass guitar. Voice over by Tony Mensah of Kumasi and
Tony Sarfo. Track #1, little angel, was his biggest hit in
1983, but too sweet for me. Today’s album contains a
song called ‘Mensu’ just like yesterday’s record by Vis
a Vis. Same song, different version? I wonder
was it written by Tony Sarfo?

1 Little angel
2 Momma yendo yenho
3 Obi de ba anopa
4 Mensu


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  1. kwabena boakye 22 January 2015 at 01:40 - Reply

    Well Moos, this is a nice album which I took from Afroslabs when it was posted some years ago but its good u posted it here too since most of the old sites cant keep up and its not accessible there anymore. You are one of the few websites that has kept this music alive despite the setbacks, continue with the good work you are doing here.
    Now to business… its just a mere coincidence that both songs have the same tittle “Mensu” which means “Dont cry” but the lyrical contents and arrangements are not the same… they are different songs, different contents but with the same tittle … usually with the vis-a-vis, there have been times when lets say Slim Manu the Bass player could have a song on the album or Sammy Cropper could have contributed a song to the band album, this I know from the discography and so if it were the same song, I could say it was ok for him to carry his song over to another artiste he played for but this is not the case. These are two different songs saying different things but with the same tittle.
    There are so many songs that I dont know who sang the original, an example is “Onuapa Due” which Akwaboa had his version and Ramblers band also had theirs, both are the same song and lyrical contents word for word. “M’aniso Tan me” is also another which Akwaboa had and Opambuo also had same song same contents. “Enye m’ani kan” is also another which Opambuo had and Dr. K Gyasi’s Noble Kings also had, similar arrangement and same contents. Most of these are on youtube for anybody who wants to listen. Usually when this happens, I just look at the production year of the album and give credit to whoever’s version came out first.

    • Moos 22 January 2015 at 17:37 - Reply

      I played the numbers after each other and could have sworn they had similar melody and off course
      the title Mensu sounds all over both of them. Good thing we have you to correct me in cases like this Kwabena.
      I’m certainly not always knowledgeable about what I post. My ears tell me wether I like it or not but with all them
      african languages it’s not easy to keep things a part sometimes…thanks again..

      • kwabena boakye 22 January 2015 at 21:52 - Reply

        Moos, you do too well keeping up with all these artistes and albums, I only have an advantage because I understand what they are saying but I must admit that I dont know much about the other songs you post here too. I even find it difficult telling who is good amongst the closest to these songs and that will be Nigerian music. But I always trust your judgement. You have a fine taste for music and as long as you post it here, I find it worth listening to and I enjoy it. The fact that we dont understand some of the languages but we still enjoy the rhythm, agrees with the fact that music is indeed a universal language.

  2. DJ Daudi (David) 24 January 2015 at 06:50 - Reply

    Great album. Moos! I have this and have played it many times. Keep ’em coming!

  3. DJ Daudi (David) 24 January 2015 at 06:51 - Reply

    I love finding albums I have here. It reminds me to play them!

  4. John 24 January 2015 at 17:35 - Reply

    I’ve just started getting into African musics and your site is a lifesaver! Many many thanks!!

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