February 17, 2015

Alex Konadu’s International Band
Dua Ayi Me, Brobisco 1983

Alex Konadu, front

Alex Konadu, back
click on pic !

Brobisco '83 label

What did I hear you say a while back, your favourite band
would be with Collins Marfo, Maringe, Konadu’s band, yes
I remember very well Kwabena. This album must please
you then. No Sammy Cropper but the others participate
on ‘Dua Ayi Me’. It has some minor disturbance, not too
much though, mainly on a-side, b-side plays better.
To my new Ghanaian visitors that entered through
my shop in hometown H’sum, I say welcome
and enjoy exploring the Global Groove..

btw, titles on label and sleeve do not agree,
I missed one title on the b-side as well,
just took another title from the back
if anybody knows, please tell us


01 – Anka wobefe mano
02 – Ohohoo
03 – Wawie me ye
04 – Amane a mahu
05 – Owuo yi afu memu
06 – Eboro


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  1. esibo 17 February 2015 at 06:54 - Reply

    I have stopped being amazed by the kinds of Highlife vinyl you have been sharing with us. Thanks

    • Moos 17 February 2015 at 09:22 - Reply

      haha, very good, it doesn’t end here..stay tuned

  2. kwabena boakye 17 February 2015 at 17:28 - Reply

    Thank you very much Moos… Your efforts are always appreciated.
    I must admit that I got this from Osibisaba when he posted it in 2011 ( … Moos, you left a comment there… i always used to ask myself that what were u doing there cos am sure you must have had all those albums & more but its good that you are curious and keep searching for new albums just like us too… its funny how time flies by so quickly… but I know you deal with soo many records and its hard to keep up with everything.
    I havent listened to this album in a while but I have downloaded yours and its good to see the backside, I think osibisaba did not include that and I noticed the tittles dont match… I am guessing the song you labelled “Eboro” is actually “Konkonsa ni” which literally means a gossip, even though its not on the label, its the subject of the song and would likely be the tittle, telling from how the dominant phrases or subject of discussion in the song usually end up as the tittle… but other different opinions are welcome.
    Most of these artistes ended up having their names and tittles being spelt wrongly and tittles arranged differently thats why a search of discography sometimes comes with various names for the same person. The akan language has its own alphabets and sometimes translating names and tittles into english based on how its pronounced and miscommunication through third parties that represented the artistes could have contributed to this disorganisation.
    Anyway, the next time am in Europe, I will try and visit your shop.

    • Moos 18 February 2015 at 09:27 - Reply

      I am looking forward to that moment Kwabena, thanks for the info..

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