March 25, 2015

The Best of Frankie Paul
Superstar Harder than the Rest
Abraham Brothers

Frankie Paul, front

I always loved his powerful voice, especially the last song
of this album is a straight killer. Ever since I heard it early
eighties I kept playing it. Still love it today so bringing this
‘Best of’ was a matter of time only. ‘Dancehall worries’ was
also released in a diffrent version and under a different name.
It was called ‘War is in the dance’ on Greensleeves’ album,
“Pass the Tu-sheng-peng”. I have added it as a bonustrack
so you can compair them yourself, enjoy..


01 – Girl you are a crazy lover
02 – I want to know
03 – Give me play
04 – No roof
05 – Addis ababa
06 – Far and wide
07 – Forward home
08 – Dance hall worries

09 – War is in the dance


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  1. eddy johns 26 March 2015 at 15:41 - Reply

    Many thanks for your beautiful selections. Your jamacian and highlife LPs are my favorites but I have discovered so much more I never knew. For me, they are like a key that opens up an obscure door at the back of the club. Enjoy the spring blossoms. It is spring here too in Indiana.

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