March 5, 2015

Tuco et les Frères Déjean –
“Joui La Vie Ou”, Macaya 1982

Tuco, front

Okay, maybe I’m ahead of things, it isn’t even spring yet.
This is sultry summer night music, zippin’ on a smooth
cocktail with your honey at the terrace of your beach
villa.. dream on Moos..No serious, this is marvelous
dance material for your parties. With the great Déjean
brothers and Robert Martino on lead guitar, you can’t
miss, add Tuco’s drums and the voices of Raymond
Cajuste and Lionel Benjamin and off we go..check..


01 – Joui la vie ou
02 – Grateur
03 – Ca kap pote
04 – Mr. Magic
05 – Tuco’s jam #3
06 – Honorez l’afrique


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  1. david 7 March 2015 at 13:07 - Reply

    It’s always great when you post Haitian lps which are all difficult to find these days. Les Freres Dejean are among my all-time favourites. Do you have any to post?

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