April 5, 2015

Kwadwo Donkoh and his Abokyi Parts of Ghana
Obeeyie ! Agoro Records 1982

Kwadwo Donkoh, front

Hello good morning, Obeeyie should be meaning something
like, All will be okay, if I’m not mistaking. Even if I do, all will
be just fine. This is a record by Kwadwo Donkoh of whom we
never had any work yet. Backsleeve says, “Diplomat turned
Musician”, okay, very nice career move I’d say. Kwadwo
should have made it much sooner cuz his music is
very cool, with prominent bass guitar and awesome
rhythms, I’m an instant fan..listen..


01 – Obeeyie / E go good
02 – Enti yede saa / Na so ego be
03 – Obiara wo ne office / Everybody get him office
04 – Ahooya / Skin pain
05 – Honey / Honey


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  1. kwabena boakye 5 April 2015 at 13:07 - Reply

    Moos you got the translation right…another way to put it is “it shall be well”… with all these albums you have been posting, I wont be surprised if you have learnt some phrases in different languages by now… Multilingual moos!

    This is an interesting album with a funny album art… my first time of seeing it anywhere actually… Global Groove Premier!

    A little info about Kwadwo Donkoh … “Another important figure in this late sixties period was Kwadwo Donkoh. Kwadwo left a good, London-based job in the Ghanaian diplomatic service to come home and produce music full time, much to the horror of his family! He set up Agoro records and spent a lot of energy pushing all kinds of Ghanaian music, from big-band Highlife to cultural groups performing traditional music. ” ~(

    And yes Moos you are right, maybe he should have made it earlier…. but financial disagreements with artists probably didnt go well;

    “The Ogyatanaa or ‘burning torch’ band was founded and directed by Kwadwo Donkoh, a Ghanaian diplomat turned bandleader and producer. These two tracks were released on Donkoh’s Agona label. As the label indicates, Pat was a guest vocalist, and never a part of the Ogyatanaa band. Pat recorded only a handful of songs with the group, and never performed live with the Ogyataana Band. At least one of these tracks was successful enough that Kwadwo Donkoh wanted to bring Pat back to the studio with the group, but financial disagreements sunk the idea” ~ (

  2. glinka21 5 April 2015 at 16:12 - Reply

    Wow. It’s great fun, but does he have a tuba in there? It sounds almost as though he’d taken a marching band, added to it, and turned it into highlife.

  3. Anonymous 27 April 2015 at 02:38 - Reply

    Here’s an interesting interview about Kwadwo Donkor

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