October 18, 2015

Best of Gregory Isaacs volume 2
GG’s Records 1981

Gregory Isaacs, front

GG's Records, label

How about a little loversrock on your sunday afternoon ?
Gregory Isaacs’ work is well known but the tracks on this
‘Best of Gregory Isaacs vol. 2’ are not his most famous ones.
Backed by the revolutionairies, recorded at Channel One studio
and Harry J. Recording studio. Engineered by Maxi and Sylvan
Morris. Musicians; D. Fraser, Skully and Sky Juice, Winston
Wright, R. Bryan, Gladstone Anderson, Santa & Barnabas,
Sly Dunbar, Sticky, Jimmy Becker and Headley Bennett.
btw, GG’s Records does not mean
Global Groove’s Records..


01 – No footstool
02 – A riot
03 – Once ago
04 – Jailer
05 – Each day
06 – Something nice
07 – Tumbling tears
08 – Village of the under priviledge
09 – Payroll
10 – Border


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  1. 강병욱 18 October 2015 at 17:14 - Reply

    Thank you, as always, for the great music!

  2. Scotty 18 October 2015 at 19:40 - Reply

    Thanks for this, only heard a few of his albums. Great to hear another! Cheers!

  3. tbsbet 13 June 2016 at 05:58 - Reply

    Rock and roll has a sorted history but no one can touch the lows and highs of G.G.Allin. He is an extremely polarizing

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