October 31, 2015

Joseito Mateo y sus Merengueros
Yo Soy Merenguero Hasta la Tambora
La Discoteca C.A. / Ansonia 1979

Joseito Mateo, front

One of the Global Groove’s biggest idols if it comes to
merengue is without doubt Joseito Mateo. His records
belong to our most wanted so it’s about time to post
another. The one we have here is from 1979. Every
time a pleasure to listen to his great merengues..


01 – Merenguero hasta la tambora
02 – A lo que venimos
03 – Mi residencia
04 – Mi merengue sono
05 – Con macabi
06 – Soñe contigo
07 – Acotejame
08 – Tus ojos
09 – Merengue de perico ripiao
10 – Tu dices que no me quieres


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  1. gerrit 8 November 2015 at 20:39 - Reply

    Jose Mateo is one of the best in the field of merengue. Dat wil ik toch maar even bevestigen, amigo. Viva Dominicana!! En gefeliciteerd met je 75 jarig jubileummmm!!!
    Aloha!! (oh ja, die komma…)

  2. Anonymous 15 August 2019 at 22:44 - Reply

    I am becoming a nuisance on this blog but I continue to discover QUALITY. Playing Joseito Mateo right now makes my holiday go bongas. Love it. Moos you are the one

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