November 13, 2015

Leo Fuld – Mazzel
Artone 1966

Leo Fuld, front

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Friends introduced me to this guy. The album is named
‘mazzel’, and mazzel is something he certainly had. Leo
Fuld was a jewish folksinger who was born in Rotterdam.
Now he had the mazzel ( luck ) to realise it was best
leaving Holland and move to the USA in 1939. As we
all know he probably saved his life doing so, a little
later Rotterdam was bombed and many died in the
second world war that began in the next year.
Something quite different then you are used
to find here, a little change can’t hurt though.
Wonderful atmosphere, slightly gypsy,
warmest voice, lots of emotion..


01 – Yaas
02 – Momele
03 – Moshiagh
04 – In der finster
05 – My yiddishe mama
06 – Ich sing
07 – Mazzel
08 – Unter boimer
09 – Glick
10 – Kaddish
11 – Wus geween ist geween
12 – Ich hab dich zoviel lieb
13 – Shalom israel
14 – Wo ahin soll ich geh’n


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  1. dial africa 22 November 2015 at 00:23 - Reply

    Yes, it’s good to open ears for other sounds. Thank you!

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