July 22, 2016

African Brothers International Band
of Ghana – Kyerema Way
Jibros Music Agency 1981

African brothers, voorkant

Deze elpee van de befaamde African Brothers Band is tamelijk
bijzonder. Het is een van weinige die in Nigeria werd gerealiseerd.
Zeldzaam spul speciaal voor jou opgenomen en hier gebracht.
de hoes geeft aan drie nummers op kant 1 te hebben maar
ik vond er slechts twee, hoe dan ook, pak hem,
speel hem af en heb er plezier van..

This lp by the famous African Brothers band is quite special.
it is one of the few albums made in Nigeria, rare stuff ripped
especially for you and posted here tonight. The sleeve claims
it has three songs on the a-side, I only found two. One way or
the other, get it, play it and enjoy doing so..

titels ;

01 – Owuo aye me bi
02 – Menkoa ne meho asem
03 – Kyerema way


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  1. Kwabena Boakye 24 July 2016 at 04:40 - Reply

    Thank you for sharing these and more … I haven’t come across it anywhere … Just when you think you have it all, then something new comes up … It looks like there is always something out there to discover

  2. Goon 26 July 2016 at 13:24 - Reply

    You already posted this album under a different name:

    It’s still a great listen.

  3. Moos 26 July 2016 at 20:42 - Reply

    Hey Goon, Thank you for pointing me to this double.
    There is something strange going on, the first album had four songs and three titles, the second has three songs and four titles. The songs do not perfectly match so I’m sure I added a wrong title somewhere. Not understanding the words makes it hard to find out where the mistake lies however. If anyone can enlighten us on the subject would be very nice, let’s see..

    • Kwabena Boakye 27 July 2016 at 04:43 - Reply

      The tracks were labeled wrongly on the album …. Here are the corrections for the album “Owuo aye me bi” : Track 3 is “Agatha” not “Kyeremaa (medley)” and Track 4 ??? is “Menye Osansani”

      For the album “Kyerema way” , does not include track 3 “Momfa nto meso agyanka” even though it is labelled. So you actually have 3 songs instead of 4.

      It looks like the track list of “Owuo aye me bi” album is correct for the “Kyerema way”
      album … And “Owuo aye me bi” will need a new track list

      • Mike D. 12 October 2016 at 20:00 - Reply

        This is common on many West African records. I have quite a few releases with different titles but same tracks. Guess they were intended for particular markets.

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