September 18, 2016

Webert Sicot & son Ensemble – Gina
Mini Records 1977

Webert Sicot, voorkant

Zo langzamerhand wordt onze GG zo groot en vol dat ik steeds vaker
de fout in ga en muziek begin te digitaliseren die even later al op de
pagina blijkt te staan. Niet zo nozel dus. Om deze blunder weer te
verdoezelen kom ik maar snel met een plaatje dat je hier zeker nog
niet gezien hebt. Kom mee naar Haïti en luister wat we daar vinden.

Our beloved GG is slowly growing to become of such proportion
that if I don’t pay attention, start to repeat myself. Not so smart.
To make up for these blunders better bring something certain
for the first time. Let’s go to Haïti and see what we find there.

Webert Sicot left Nemours Jean-Baptiste compas band and called
his music cadence to differentiate it from compas especially when
he took it abroad, and so the rivalry between Sicot and Nemours
created these names. Raymond had created a new rhythm cadence
rampa to counter compas, but it was only in a spirit of competition.
The rhythm of cadence rampa was identical to compas except for
the addition of the second drum that sounded on every fourth beat.

The Sicot brothers, Maestro Webert Sicot and brilliant composer
Raymond Sicot, well regarded in the Caribbean for their rigorous
harmonic skills, introduced the meringue-cadence to the Caribbean,
specifically the French Antilles of Martinique & Guadeloupe around
1962 where it spread to Dominica.[6] From the 60s to the 70s, Dominica,
Guadeloupe and Martinique were replete with cadence bands. A few
of them were Selecta, La Perfecta, Les Aiglons, Grammacks,
Exile One, Les Vikings de Guadeloupe,
Abel Zenon et son combo, etc. ( source = Wikipedia )

titels ;

01 – Gina
02 – Caponage
03 – Problem’ pam
04 – Controleur
05 – Gladys
06 – Pa gin panne
07 – 3 port-au-princiennes


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  1. Sylvester from Manchester 18 September 2016 at 21:00 - Reply

    Heh man, dohn get so self-deprecatimg, remember even God forgot he didn’t exist.
    Sylvester from Manchester (dohn be fool by imposters0

  2. Ted 22 October 2016 at 07:05 - Reply

    You have so many fantastic Haitian albums. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing these treats.

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