April 16, 2017

O Melhor de Candeia
Atlantic 1981


Een van onze samba liefhebbers merkte terecht op dat we
tot nog toe niets hebben van Candeia terwijl hij toch een van
de groten was, veel te jong overleden. Hij werd slechts 43.
Uit 1981 hebben we dan eindelijk zijn beste werk, althans
dat zegt de titel. Dus Sam, hier is O Melhor de…Candeia..

One of our samba lovers noticed quite rightly we still don’t
have any music by Candeia. This while he was one of the
greats in the field who died far too young, only 43 years of
age. From 1981 we finally have his best work today, that is
as the title claims. So Sam, here is O Melhor de…Candeia..

tracks ;

01 – Dia de graça
02 – Riquezas do brasil
—- Olha o samba sinhá
03 – Vivo isolado do mundo
—- Amor não é brinquedo
04 – Pintura sem arte
05 – Gramação
—- Peixeiro granfino
—- Ouço uma voz
—- Vem amenizar
06 – Maria madalena da portela
07 – Ouro desça do seu trono
—- Mil réis


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  1. Andreas Schmitz 17 April 2017 at 20:09 - Reply

    Really like the “Riquezas do brasil” one. Thank you, Moos!

  2. Sam 24 April 2017 at 00:02 - Reply

    Muito obrigado, Moos! This is one that I don’t have, at least not in this format. BTW, one of my nominations for Best Samba Record of All Time is Os Quatro Grandes do Samba, led by Candeia, but also featuring Nelson Cavaquinho, Guilherme de Brito, and Elton Medeiros (with a cameo by Clementina de Jesus). This was released as an LP and should still be in print as a CD. (My copy is a little battered due to overuse.) I am still working through your samba trove from earlier this month — thanks for keeping me listening to my favorite music.

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