July 29, 2017

Lord Kitchener – Lord kitchener
RCA Victor 1964


If we speak of calypso, I think the sixties. If we speak of calypso
from the sixties, I think Lord Kitchener. He was the man that
made my heart beat faster time and time again, such nice
melodies, his lyrics are always full of surprises and loaded
with fun. This record is from 1964 and is still in prime
condition. I was very lucky finding it, do not let it pass..

Als we het hebben over calypso, denk ik jaren zestig. Als we het
hebben over calypso jaren zestig, denk ik Lord kitchener. Hij was
de man die mijn hart telkens weer sneller deed kloppen, zulke
lekkere tunes, zijn teksten zijn keer op keer verrassend en vol
humor. Deze komt uit 1964 en verkeert nog in prima staat. Een
gelukkie dat ik er tegen aan liep. Laat hem niet liggen..

tracks ;

01 – Lenoir’s well
02 – Mama this is ma’s
03 – Easter in trinidad
04 – Dance in the lent
05 – Robbie
06 – Belmont young girl
07 – Steel band music
08 – The cricket song
09 – No melda
10 – A bad impression


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  1. Pete 30 July 2017 at 02:06 - Reply

    If I think of Calypso, I think 1930s – the golden age. But I love Kitch and I have this LP – it’s great.

    Seriously Moos, do you listen to the older calypsonians? Guys like Roaring Lion, Attilla, King Radio, Growler? Some of the humour is very British – songs about bungalows, girls called Dorothy – it’s unique stuff.

    • Moos 30 July 2017 at 07:47 - Reply

      Hi Pete, I do know the older calypso and I think it’s great regarding the lyrical part.
      Somehow I’m very fund of the sound from the sixties, not soka yet but the way they play
      just before it. I guess it’s a personal thing, off course you’re right if you speak
      of the golden age. It’s just me, I was a child during the sixties and that sound has left
      a certain nostalgic feeling inside me I guess..

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