August 2, 2017

Trinity – Shanty Town Determination
Blood & Fire 2000 / 1978


My name is Trinity, passin’ through
the community, in any vicinity.
Strictly dancehall me come from,
the steel horn business – Tubby’s,
Tippertone, El Paso. Right now,
me come from the ghetto, yuh
hear me man ?

tracks ;

01 – Rasta determination
02 – Tradition
03 – Fire down a town
04 – Hold them jah jah
05 – Quarter pound a ishens
06 – Promise is a comfort to a fool
07 – Natty dread a no bandooloo
08 – Samson the strongest man
09 – Z90
10 – How long jah
11 – Peace conference in a western kingston
12 – Fight it to the top
13 – Blessed are the meek


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  1. thank you 21 August 2017 at 00:46 - Reply

    thank you so much. I had this album long ago as a teenager. one of my favorite toasting albums ever. trinity on top of some great rhythms produced by prince tony who I was a big fan of. anyway.. that was long long ago and I really happy to see this post. thank you.

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