December 8, 2017

Rebel Music – An Anthology of
Reggae Music, Various Artists
Trojan 1979




Deze dubbel elpee is er een die ik vanaf de eerste dag heb gekoesterd.
Het was een van de eerste reggae plaatjes in m’n collectie en het is gek
dat ik hem nog niet eerder geplaatst heb. Ook uit 1979, net als de plaat
van gisteren. Reggae was denk ik de eerste tropische muziekstijl die na
pop om de hoek kwam kijken. Op Trojan en zeer de moeite
van begin tot eind..

From the first day I had it, this was one of my favourite collectors.
Been playing it so many I can dream the songs. Funny I never got to
post it yet. It is from 1979, just like yesterday’s post. Probably one
of the first reggae albums in my collection, on trojan and
worth every second you’re gonna spend on it..

tracks LP 1 ;

01 – Bob Andy – You don’t know (produced by K. Anderson 1970)
02 – Derrick Harriott – The loser (produced by Derrick Harriott 1969)
03 – Freddy McKay – High school dance (produced by Coxsone Dodd 1971)
04 – Val Bennett – The russians are coming (produced by Bunny Lee 1968)
05 – Keith & Tex – Tonight (produced by Derrick Harriott 1969)
06 – U Roy – Ain’t that loving you (produced by Duke Reis 1971)
07 – Peter Tosh – Them a fe get a beatin’ (produced by Joe Gibbs 1971)
08 – Leroy Smart – God helps the man (produced by Bunny Lee 1971)
09 – The Heptones – Hypocrite (produced by Joe Gibbs 1972)
10 – Big Youth – S.90 Skank (produced by Keith Hudson 1972)
11 – Little Roy – Hard Fighter (produced by L. Daly 1972)
12 – Glen Brown – 2 wedden skank (produced by Glen Brown 1972)
13 – K.C. White – Anywhere but nowhere (produced by A. Clarke 1973)
14 – Junior Byles – Beat down babylon (produced by Lee Perry 1972)

tracks LP 2 ;

01 – Dennis Brown – Concentration (produced by Derrick Harriott 1972)
02 – Big Youth – Screaming target (produced by A. Clarke 1973)
03 – Lloyd Parkes – Slaving (produced by Lloyd Parkes 1974)
04 – Horace Andy – You are my angel (produced by Bunny Lee 1974)
05 – Keith Hudson – Melody maker (produced by Keith Hudson 1973)
06 – Dennis Brown – Money in my pocket (produced by Joe Gibbs 1972)
07 – Peter Tosh – maga dog (produced by Joe Gibbs 1971)
08 – Dennis Brown – Cheater (produced by Randys 1973)
09 – I Roy – Blackman time (produced by A. Clarke 1973)
10 – Horace Andy & Earl Flute – Satan side (produced by Keith Hudson 1974)
11 – Big Youth – Give praises (produced by Manley Buchanan 1975)
12 – Gregory Isaacs – Rock away (produced by Niney/L. Campbell 1976)
13 – Michael Dyke – Saturday night special (produced by E. Smith 1976)
14 – The Heptones – Cool Rasta (produced by Harry Johnson 1976)



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  1. GonzalezonSpeed 9 December 2017 at 22:51 - Reply

    Big names with the finest tunes in this great collector – another reggae filled weekend coming up !! :-) thanks Moos

  2. Geoff 10 December 2017 at 01:58 - Reply

    My friend Kevin had a copy of this when it came out and in the end his girlfriend hid it because I played it so much when I went round there. Needless to say he changed his girlfriend shortly afterwards
    Dave Hendley put out a volume 2 of this almost 30 years later – aso great and it has interesting sleevenotes on how there wasn’t much interest in old reggae back in 1979 (even though “old” meant released about 5 – 10 years back at the time)

  3. Anonymous 11 December 2017 at 18:22 - Reply

    Dat ziet er inderdaad uit als een plaat die je aan de reggae verslingert. Haal ik binnen, ben benieuwd!

  4. Cole 18 December 2017 at 05:15 - Reply

    One of the greatest reggae albums ever. Thank you Moos!!

  5. Richie Roads 21 December 2017 at 06:58 - Reply

    Nice! I used to have a cassette copy of this back in the early 90s … with no song or artist names. Lost it way back, but over the years I came across 60% of these songs on other compilation CDs. Funny thing, a few days after downloading this, I found a used CD of this out-of-print double album at Amoeba Records for just $20. Needless to say, I snatched it up.
    Thanks for making this available, if I hadn’t come across it here, I would not have gone out to specifically look for it at the record store.

    • Moos 21 December 2017 at 08:22 - Reply

      Very nice indeed, I have never seen the cd issue myself. What great coincidence all together.
      BTW, took a look at Amoeba Records store online. I’d love to snoop around in a huge music store like that.
      We don’t find them that size here in Holland,..cheers Richie..

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