March 8, 2018

Konadu’s band – Alhaji Shittu Akinola & Brothers
Alau Records 1976


Alex Konadu has a load of followers here at the GG. And
that is totally justified, such nice highlife. Today’s album
is one made in Nigeria although he is from Ghana. If you’re
new here, check his previous posts using our search-bar.

Alex Konadu’s Band heeft een berg vaste aanhangers hier
op de Global Groove. En dat is volkomen terecht met zulke
lekkere highlife. Dit album uit 1976 is in Nigeria geproduceerd
hoewel Alex uit Ghana komt. Als je hier nieuw bent, kijk dan
eens naar zijn andere platen middels onze zoekbalk links op
de pagina. Veel luisterplezier maar weer..

01 – Akom mu yehu
——Mman serwaah
——Nantwi nam aba
——Ebo mfho
——Naano asem
02 – Yadee ama masee
03 – A good one there
04 – Maya ndwene
05 – Abusua monkye ndi
06 – Ono anusuawa
07 – Obiara nenekunu


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  1. kwabena boakye 12 March 2018 at 03:14 - Reply

    Alex Konadu’s music still remains a favorite at social events in Ghana … Thank you for giving us another rare LP from this highlife legend

  2. im 13 March 2018 at 02:18 - Reply

    Awesome! As always, thanks for the good work!

  3. glinka21 20 March 2018 at 03:26 - Reply

    Thanks, Moos! Coming back to life after torn rotator cuff surgery. This music heals.

    • Moos 20 March 2018 at 08:10 - Reply

      glad to hear you’re okay Glinka, listen yourself better even..

  4. Adewale Akinola 6 July 2019 at 16:22 - Reply

    Its a great honour to see these and as well acknowledge that my FATHER is part of the accomplishment of Konadus band !

    • Moos 6 July 2019 at 17:53 - Reply

      ..oh that is wonderful, enjoy listening ..

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