June 4, 2018

Adawa King
Admiral Dele Abiodun and his Top Hitters Band
Adawa Sounds Super 3, vol. 6
Olumo 1975



Raadsel; Wat rijmt er op twaalf ? Haha, helemaal niets. Dit is nummer
twaalf als we het hebben over de platen van Dele Abiodun hier aan de
Global Groove. Zijn muziek vindt al jaren enthousiaste luisteraars bij
ons en ik weet zeker dat ook deze plaat niet teleur zal stellen. Vind je
ook niet dat de King Admiral er super funky uitziet ? Lang leve juju.
Deze plaat verkeert in top conditie..

This must be the twelfth album we have by Dele Abiodun. It is from 1975
and sounds just wonderful. His music always finds a lot of enthusiastic
listeners here and I’m sure this elpee will do as well. The King Admiral
looks super funky don’t you agree, long live juju music.
This record is in perfect condition..

tracks ;

01 – Odomode ni won
—–Enia lo kesin loro
—–A to nsoge
—–Nwon npariwo
02 – Enia mi wo oju
—–A ki ridi okun
—–Adan to so ri ko
—–Yinka esho
—–Alhaji yinusa
—–Alhaji hammed


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  1. glinka21 6 June 2018 at 04:27 - Reply

    I’ve taken a real affection to the Admiral’s music, especially when trying to just lay back and go with the rhythms. Some of it reminds me at times of Obey, but without the religious references he likes to put in that raise my hackles.

  2. gerrit 7 June 2018 at 13:57 - Reply

    Wat rijmt er op gordel? Ook helemaal niks! Maar ik moest ‘m wel om doen in de auto bij deze swingende klanken!
    Nigeria Oye!

  3. Anonymous 25 June 2018 at 11:12 - Reply

    Enjoyed very much the laid back rythme and the guitar sound! Thank you very much! My first message but a regular since one year. Thank you for the music. An amateur of brazilian music.

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