February 17, 2019

Sierra Leone Music
West African Gramophone Records
Recorded in the 50’s and Early 60’s
Zensor 1988



It is a collector from 1988, it contains a range of songs in
various styles and by various artists from Sierra Leone.
Some of the recordings sound very dusty but that’s just
the way they are. Track #9 concerns a church song, not
my cup of tea but I left it. After that it’s mainly field recor-
dings. I’ll be honest, for me it’s only about track one
to eight and fourteen..

Het is een verzamel album uit 1988, hij bevat een keur aan
nummers in verschillende stijlen en door verschillende artiesten
uit Sierra Leone. Sommige opnamen klinken stoffig maar dat is
helaas niet anders. Track #9 betreft een kerkliedje, niet aan mij
beteed maar vooruit dan maar. Daarna vinden we voornamelijk
‘field’ opnamen. Ik zeg het je eerlijk, voor mij gaat het slechts
om nummer één t/m acht en veertien..

tracks ;

01 – The Freetown Darkies – Jiving marie calypso
02 – Calender and his Maringar Band – Double decker buses
03 – Tejan-Sie & the Sierra Leone Police Dance Band – Welcome to the queen
04 – Ali Ganda Carnival Star Orchestra – Freedom, freedom sierra leone
05 – Frank Caulker and the Nugatone Band – Baby a tire with you
06 – Cherry and his Maringa Band – Sophaya my loving girl
07 – Freetown’s Leading Sextet – Stay carolina stay
08 – Famous Scrubbs and his Band – Mountain cut by havelock street
09 – Ebenezer Church Choir Freetown – Welcome happy morning
10 – Salia Koroma & his Accordion – Ganene bimbe
11 – Tity Kamara and her Bondo Drumma – Orbutie or geerana
12 – Kamara, Koleya and Chorus – Yengema
13 – Lokko Tribal Union – Ni ao goh yah
14 – Sokhona Kouyate and Guitar Accompaniment – Tara abdulai
15 – Hachimo Jalloh and his Guitar – Yaria
16 – Sankoh and his Kono Boys – Yaa tomboe
17 – James Fayia & Chorus – Epeya
18 – Jeli Bokary and his Wife – Niania


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  1. Pete 17 February 2019 at 08:36 - Reply

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Anonymous 18 February 2019 at 16:36 - Reply

    Hi Moos, I also have this CD and honestly speaking I only like the songs you mention. To enjoy the other songs,I suppose, you have to understand the language or to hear it live. Cheers Rik

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