July 6, 2019

Boy Dap – Mi T’ei
Virmar 003

This is another rare album from Curaçao, the Netherlands
Antilles. Boy Dap was here not so long ago with this nice lp.
He received recognition throughout various countries in
South America and Europe. Very enjoyable sound ..

Hier is nog zo’n zeldzame plaat uit Curaçao, de Nederlandse
Antillen. We hadden niet zo lang geleden al een van zijn albums.
Hij genoot populariteit in diverse Zuid Amerikaanse landen als wel
in Europa in zijn dagen. Buitengewoon lekker luisteren ..

tracks ;

01 – Mi t’ei , with Grupo Zoyoyo
02 – Chaparita, with Combo Intercontinental
03 – Imagenes, with Combo Intercontinental
04 – Si bon’ke bo laga, with Estrellas del Caribe
05 – Un pan pa mi ruman, with Combo Intercontinental
06 – Fiesta, with Combo Intercontinental
07 – Barika geel, with Combo Intercontinental
08 – La gloria eres tu, with Combo Intercontinental
09 – Waya, with Estrellas del Caribe
10 – Venena mi, with Grupo Zoyoyo


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  1. Anonymous 10 July 2019 at 13:49 - Reply

    This is good Moos, there’s even a cumbia sounding track in addition to the tumba and salsa antiyana.



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