July 17, 2019

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey
The Miliki King – ‘My Vision’
Obey 1985

Some more requests for juju music from Michael, this is the first
of his wishes of which I just happen to have a few. Chief Commander
Ebenezer Obey made a load of records. We had a bunch already and
still many to follow. ‘My Vision’ is from 1985 and appears on the Obey
label. If you take a look at the backsleeve, just click on it, see how many
musicians helped making this record. 20 men bands are common in juju.
Not sure who the men on the pictures are, if you know ..

Ik kreeg nog wat verzoekjes voor meer juju van Michael, dit is de eerste
van enkele plaatjes die ik toevallig heb. Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey
heeft een enorme stapel platen gemaakt. We hadden er al vele en er volgt
ook nog een aantal. ‘My Vision’ is uit 1985 en op het Obey label. Als je clickt
op de backsleeve zie je hoeveel muzikanten meewerkten deze plaat te ma-
ken. 20 man’s groepen zijn geen uitzondering in juju. Ik weet niet precies
wie al die heren op de fotootjes zijn, als jij het weet ..

.. and his Inter Reformers Band from 1977
Je Ka Jo from 1983
In London from 1969
Adventure of Mr. Wise from 1973
Adam and Eve from 1977
Eyi Yato from 1981
Operation Feed the Nation from 1976
Juju Jubilee from 1985
Current Affairs from 1980
Tribute to the Late Chief Obafemi from 1987
Victory from 1987
.. and his International Brothers from 1973
Eko Ila from 1974
Eda to Mose Okunkun from 1977
Solution from 1984
.. and his Miliki Sound from 1973
In London vol.3 from 1972
.. & his Inter Reformers Band from 1974
Oluwa ni Olusa Agutan from 1978
On The Town from 1970
.. and his International Brothers from 1972
The Only Condition to Save Nigeria from 1984
In The 60’s vol.1 from 1980
No Place Be Like My Country Nigeria from 1978
Discogs Discography
Ebenezer Obey Wikipedia
Ebenezer Obey on Facebook

tracks ;

01 – Nigeria si ma dun
—–World golden eaglets
—–Oluwa bawa se
—–Ala ti mo la a se
02 – Nibiti leke leke ti nfoso
—–Tete se fun mi
—–Kirakita o dola
—–Agbekele mi ma je ko do fo
—–Oluwa ni gbe ni ga


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  1. Jafari 17 July 2019 at 15:51 - Reply

    Thanks Moos! Much appreciated <3

  2. Michael Ajayi 19 July 2019 at 06:26 - Reply

    Much thanks to you. Great job. This has made my day. I look forward to seeing the other requests made available. I can’t tell you how happy I am. Actually, the first side of the album congratulated members of Nigeria’s football team (called “Golden Eaglets”) who were victorious at the inaugural FIFA U-16 World Championship in China in 1985. I listened to this as a boy. Thanks a million times!

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