September 15, 2019

Lee Perry Theme Week, day 3
Scratch and Company – The Upsetters Chapter 1
Clock Tower Records Inc. LPCT 0114


In our Lee Perry theme week, today we find Scratch and Company
with The Upsetters Chapter 1 on special request by Tim.
“Lee Perry, one of the most celebrated producers of our time. He
worked with Carl Dawkins, Dave Barker, Bunny Clarke, Dillinger,
Augustus Pablo, Glenn Adams, Max Romeo, Junior Byles, Jimmy
Riley, Davis Isaac, Gregory Isaacs, Keith Rowe, Hugh Roy, George
Faith, Jah Lloyd, Junior Murvin, The Heptones and Bob Marley and
the Wailers. Lee Perry can make a four track sound like sixteen, he
can make a small board sound like a large board. he can make
singers sing. You see, the average person just can’t understand
where he is coming from. He is about ten years ahead of himself
and has been that way for many years, just listen to some of his
arrangements you see, the Upsetter is truly one of the most ce-
lebrated producers of our time. His fame and recordings are
more proof why he is a favorite of literally millions of reggae
music fans around the world” .. read more at backsleeve ..
( Brad “Clocktower” osborne)

Double Seven from 1976
Upsetters discography

tracks ;

01 – The Upsetters – Scratch the Dub Organizer
02 – Johnny Lover and the Towerchanters – Who you gonna run to
03 – Lee and the Blue Bell – Tighten up
04 – Val Bennett and the Upsetters – A serious joke
05 – Brad Osborne and the Towerchanters – Little flute chant
06 – Devion Iron – When jah come
07 – The Upsetters – Stretch walking
08 – Lee Perry and the Black Arks – Come along
09 – Ricky and Bunny – Bush weed corn trash
10 – The Upsetters – Curley dub


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  1. Tim 15 September 2019 at 12:34 - Reply

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much Moos! I can’t wait to listen to this! Have a wonderful day.

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