September 16, 2019

Lee Perry Theme Week, day 4
Junior Murvin – Police and Thieves
Island Records 1977

I remember very well how deeply I was impressed hearing Police
and Thieves for the first time as a youngster. In those days I had
no idea that Lee Perry was the sourcerer and wizard behind it.
This is another timeless record produced by the great Lee Scratch
Perry. A must have for every self respecting reggae collector ..

Ik weet nog goed hoe diep ik onder de indruk was toen als jon-
geling Police and Thieves voor de eerste keer hoorde. Ik had toen
nog geen flauw benul dat tovenaar erachter Lee Perry was. Dit
is nog zo’n tijdloze plaat die niet mag ontbreken in de collectie
van elke zichzelf respecterende reggae vezamelaar ..

tracks ;

01 – Roots train
02 – Police and thieves
03 – Solomon
04 – Rescue jah children
05 – Tedious
06 – False teachin’
07 – Easy task
08 – Lucifer
09 – Workin’ in the cornfield
10 – I was appointed


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  1. Lou Cifer 2 October 2019 at 09:35 - Reply

    Police and thieves in the streets, oh yeah
    Scaring the nation with their guns and ammunition
    Police and thieves in the street, oh yeah
    Fighting the nation with their guns and ammunition
    These lyrics have rung true since 1976, when will the time come when a person will hear them and think, what does this mean, Fighting the Nation, b ut they are the police, I just dont understand.
    Soon come, Soon come?
    Big Ups for this and thisweek of amazing posts, WOW!

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