September 20, 2020

Tim Buckley – Sefronia
Discreet 1974

Tim Buckley, jeff’s father, has been an idol since I first
laid my ears on his music late seventies. It all started
with Look at The Fool, his last album. Tim sadly died
after taking an overdose of heroin age 28, june 29th,
1975. He started as a folk singer but his style changed
to soul, jazz, psychadelica, avant-garde over the years.
One of the greatest voices ever in seventies pop music.

Look At The Fool 1974

01 – Dolphins
02 – Honey man
03 – Because of you
04 – Peanut man
05 – Martha
06 – Quicksand
07 – I know I’d recognize your face
08 – Stone in love
09 – Sefronia-after asklepiades
10 – Sefronia-the kong’s chain
11 – Sally go ’round the roses


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  1. Anonymous 22 September 2020 at 19:21 - Reply

    YES!! I just bought this yesterday. Happy/Sad was my gateway, and that and “Blue Afternoon” are my favs. Still, gems across every record. There are some live tracks from this band that made me appreciate what he was going for, so I’m looking forward to spinning this again.
    Thanks Moos!!

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