January 13, 2021

Charlie Chaplin – Que Dem
Power House / Sonic Sounds 1984

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Richard Patrick Bennettt, better known as Charlie Chaplin
was called after the famous actor since he was young. Many
Jamaican deejays were called after film stars and such in a
later stage. Charlie became popular for his focus on cultural
matters. He worked with Yellowman, Josey Wales, Sly &
Robbie, Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes, Roots Radics and others.
This album is from 1984 according to Discogs
but from 1985 according to Wikipedia ..

Richard Patrick Bennett, beter bekend onder de naam Charlie
Chaplin werd al zo genoemd sinds zijn jeugd. Vele Jamaicaanse
deejays werden naar filmsterren e.d. genoemd in een later
stadium. Charlie werd zeer populair door zijn focus op
culturele kwesties. Hij werkte o.a. met Yellowman, Josey
Wales, Sly & Robbie, Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes en Roots Radics.
Deze plaat is volgend Discogs uit 1984 en volgens
Wikipedia uit 1985 ..


01 – Dj a dance
02 – Exploiting
03 – Now a days
04 – Pretty gal
05 – Coco deala brown
06 – Unfair
07 – Diet rock
08 – Que dem
09 – Food man rock


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      I am sorry Pete,
      for me, reggae comes from Jamaica.
      I hardly own any other ..

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