April 25, 2021

Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited
Zimbabwe Mozambique
Gramma Records 1988

It was fun making a couple of Global Samplers and we’ll
soon do a few others. Now let’s post something else.
It has been a while since we had music from Zimbabwe.
This one was still waiting to reach you. We had ten of
his works so far and today ‘Zimbabwe Mozambique’
from 1988 finds its way. Thomas Mapfumo was the
inventor and originator of ‘chimurenga’ music.
Listen to his sixth record today ..

Het was plezierig om een paar Global Samplers te maken en
deze zullen spoedig opvolging krijgen. Nu weer even iets anders
tussendoor. Het is een aardige tijd geleden dat we muziek uit
Zimbabwe hadden. Deze plaat wachtte al enige tijd om jou te
bereiken. We hadden er al tien van zijn hand en vandaag hebben
we “Zimbabwe Mozambique’ uit 1988. Thomas Mapfumo
was de bedenker en verspreider van ‘chimurenga’.
Luister naar zijn zesde album vandaag ..

Chauya Chirizevha, Various Chimurenga
Chimurenga for Justice 1985
Varombo Kuvarombo 1989
Ndangariro 1983
Sweet Chimurenga 1995
Chamunorwa 1989
The Chimurenga Singles 1984
Mabasa 1984
Greatest Hits 1984
Mr. Music 1985
Gwindingwi Rine Shumba 1981

01 – Zimbabwe mozambique
02 – Nhamo
03 – Serevende
04 – Joice
05 – Ndave kuenda


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  1. Tamuka 21 December 2021 at 00:00 - Reply

    Thanks for making this available. I have a digital flac version (of a later Zimbabwe-only CD re-issue) that I purchased online, but this one sounds quite different. The keyboards are a lot more prominent (ahead of the guitars) in this vinyl rip than they are on the CD re-issue, particularly on the first song. This was the first Mapfumo album to feature a full-time keyboard player.

    Interesting side note: the keyboard player, Charles Makokova, was his old drummer. But he did a 2 or three-year stint in jail for vehicular manslaughter; when he rejoined the band he had to learn a new instrument, since his spot behind the drums had been taken by someone else in his absence.

    Glad I took the time to download this one, so thanks for keeping it available.

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