May 11, 2021

Rim Akandoh & his Prince Sparrows Band
Every Man Shall Be Free
Ambassador Records LPAM 009

For all the diehard listening through noisy records I reward
you today with a solid highlife album. This one plays just fine.
Rim Akandoh worked with a bunch of groups before starting
his own. First it was Ahamano’s Band of which he was the
drummer and singer. He next joined Kakaiku’s No.2 Band as
a vocalist. After a short while he formed K.K’s No.2 Band
with A.K. Yeboah and Kwasi Manu. Finally with the help of
A.K. Badu, director and chairman of Ambassador Records
It came true, forming his Prince Sparrows Band. Listen ..

Voor iedereen die zich dapper heeft geweerd, luisterend
naar krakende oude platen, vandaag een beloning. Rim
Akandoh werkte met verschillende bands voordat hij zijn
eigen groep kon vormen. Eerst was het Ahamano’s Band
waarin hij de drummer en zanger was. Vervolgens sloot
hij zich aan bij kakaiku’s No.2 Band als vocalist. Na een
korte periode daar vormde Rim K.K’s No.2 Band met A.K.
Yeboah en Kwasi Manu. Uiteindelijk kreeg hij de kans,
met de hulp van A.K. Badu, director en chairman van
Ambassador Records, de Prince Sparrows Band te
beginnen. Luister zelf ..

Ambassador (5)

01 – Sasabonsam fie
02 – It’s me o lord
03 – Hwe wo ho yie
04 – These things
05 – Every man shall be free
06 – Tell me
07 – Odo sika nsuo
08 – Onipa nka n’ababrese
09 – Barima beye bi
10 – Odo kae dabi
11 – Obiara na ne nkrabea
12 – Otan nti ntie obi ano


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  1. Jewel Ackah Jr 11 May 2021 at 12:33 - Reply

    Rim Akandoh is one of the original greats from the 1970s and this album proves it. You should check his other album with the Ambassador record company Fame Ko Baabi A Odo Wo, it features a extremely long 25 minute medley. If you can get here that would be great. Please continue giving us these memorable Ghanaian albums.

  2. Kwabena Boakye 13 May 2021 at 13:01 - Reply

    Good to add this to my collection. Keep giving us more good music from Ghana. Truly appreciated.

  3. Ian Franey 13 May 2021 at 15:48 - Reply

    I agree with Jewel – this is a real gem!

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