July 31, 2021

Derrick Lara – Right on Time
Masai 1982

Today we find these 10 soulful songs with the not so
well known Derrick Lara, cousin of Jennifer. As you can
see in the line-up he brought all the right musicians.
Powerful sound on this 1982 album, don’t miss it.
Mixed by Brutal Soljie Hamilton, Peter Chemist ..

Vandaag hebben we deze plaat met de niet zo bekende
Derrick Lara, neef van Jennifer. Zoals je in de line-up kunt
zien bracht hij al de juiste muzikanten mee. Lekker dikke
sound op dit album uit 1982. Mis hem niet. Gemixed
door Brutal Soljie Hamilton, Peter Chemist ..

WikiBious, Bio

01 – Hello stranger
02 – Right on time
03 – Mind your business
04 – Second that emotion
05 – You have changed
06 – Lonely lover
07 – She is so easy love
08 – Clothes
09 – Girlfriend
10 – My place


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