August 30, 2021

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
Judgement in a Babylon
Trojan Records 1981 / 2004

Today, dear music friends, we pay tribute to Rainford Hugh
Perry, better known as Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. He died in Noel
Holmes Hospital in Western Jamaica age 85 yesterday.
Lee Perry was a legend and a pioneer in reggae music.
He worked with Bob Marley, Junior Murvin, Max Romeo,
Junior Byles, The Congos, The Heptones, Jah Lion, just to
name a view. I saw him quite a number of times and was
a huge fan of his groundbreaking work. Let’s all play
his music for at least a week. There are so many
wonderful records to enjoy. Condolences to
his family and friends. RIP dear Scratch ..

Chicken Scratch Again
with Dub Syndicate, Time Boom X De Devil Dead 1987
Africa’s Blood
Super Ape 1976
Return of the Super Ape 1978
Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Corn Bread 1978
Blackboard Jungle Dub 1981
The Upsetters Chapter 1
Heart of the Ark vol. 2 1983
Kung Fu Meets the Dragon 1996
Upsetters, Double Seven 1976
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01 – Judgement in a babylon
02 – One drop

Bonus tracks;

03 – Lee Perry – Pussy galore
04 – Upsetters – Rejoicing skank
05 – Lee Perry – Bathroom skank
06 – Upsetters – Bingo kid
07 – Lee Perry – Django
08 – Upsetters – Dub it
09 – Lee Perry – Madhead
10 – Upsetters – Bus a dub


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  1. Henk Madrotter 30 August 2021 at 15:45 - Reply

    Thanks Moos, I love you :)

    • Moos 30 August 2021 at 17:35 - Reply

      .. dat is nogal een openbaring beste Henk,
      maar heel eerlijk, ik zie jou ook graag .. ;-)

  2. Tim Harrison 30 August 2021 at 17:36 - Reply

    Lee Perry was one of the few people who could claim the title “musical genius” in the last 50 years. Much will be said about him in the coming weeks, months and probabkly years. He has massively influenced me as a listener and a musical perfomer, and I am sure he has influenced generations of others un a similar way. His latest releases with Ral Ston and New Age Doom are as crucial as his mid-1970s madness, and is liked by both me and my nephew who is in his 20s. This a major achievement for a man who recorded them in his 80s. Vibrate on, Scratch, and thank you.

  3. Ian Franey 30 August 2021 at 19:55 - Reply

    RIP indeed to a true pioneer and innovator. What a legacy.

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