September 28, 2021

Shoukichi Kina – the Best of Shoukichi Kina
Peppermint Tea House
Luaka Bop 1994

I was asked by blog friend Pete if, since this is the Global Groove,
I could post some music from China or Japan. So far there was one
Chinese post, but nothing from Japan. This is a cd from 1994 on the
wonderful Luaka Bop label of David Byrne. Shoukichi Kina, born 1948,
is in the popscene since 1977 and made a bunch of albums. This Best
off Shoukichi Kina covers 14 tracks in various styles.


01 – Jing jing
02 – Hana no kajimaya
03 – Celebration
04 – Mimichiri bozu-danji kariyushi
05 – Don-don bushi
06 – Zorba de buddha
07 – Basha-gua suncha
08 – Crazy kacharsee
09 – Subete no hito no kokoro ni hanna
10 – Haisai ojisan
11 – Eternally ecstacy
12 – Iyunu-pri
13 – I-yah hoy!
14 – Mystery track


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  1. Ted 28 September 2021 at 07:37 - Reply

    There is a good 1989 CD by Sion called Yoru shika oyogenai (I only swim at night).
    He had a double live follow up with one or two Dylan covers. He sounds a bit like Bob Dylan, with good Western-style production, so in the overproduced, cheesy Japanese music market where that is weird, he fell through the cracks. 4 or 5 really good tracks on it (in Japanese).

  2. Pete 28 September 2021 at 10:26 - Reply

    Thanks a lot. All the best, Pete

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