October 17, 2021

Dioris Valladares y su Conjunto Típico
Merengues vol. 2
Ansonia ALP 1204

Good morning, a follow up on the first volume today. Vol. 1
was posted here 13 years ago in september 2008. Back in those
days I have told some untrue things. I said Dioris Valladares was
from Puerto Rico, he is from Santo Domingo, the Dominican Re-
public of course. I am sorry for the dumb mistake. Various visitors
told me I was wrong, thank you for that. We also found a comment
by Nelson Valladaris, Dioris’ son. (see below) Wonderful to find
your story Nelson, thank you for the great feedback.
Listen to the sweet merengues.
We have several albums yet to post, stay tuned ..

Goeiemorgen, de lang verwachte opvolger van het eerste volume
vandaag. Vol. 1 werd hier al gepost in september 2008, 13 jaar geleden.
Indertijd heb ik wat onwarheden verteld. Ik zei dat Dioris Valladares uit
Puerto Rico kwam, hij kwam natuurlijk uit Santo Domingo, de Domini-
caanse Republiek. Sorry voor die domme fout. Ik werd al terecht op de
vingers getikt. We ontvingen ook een bericht van Nelson Valladares,
Dioris’ zoon. (zie hieronder) Geweldig bedankt voor deze woorden
Nelson. Luister naar de lekkere merengues.
We hebben nog enkele albums te posten, blijf erbij ..

( Wiki page with wrong info)

“I’m the son of Dioris Valladares, Nelson Valladares, my Dad was from
Santo Domingo and his music was all orignal from his heart, not for rich
and fame. Fame recognised his talents later on in life. He would be up all
night until the sun rose. Dad composed, played and performed for the
people of all nations an countries, for there enjoyment. He loved people
but most of all through good times and hard times there was always a
song in his heart for someone. He took the worlds pain upon his shoulders
and expressed the folk lore living it playing it through his music. He helped
so many people an never sought credit for it. He would always tell me the
man who is in need and you can help him, do it and God will help you to
help another. That was the real man behind the music.”
Nelson Valladares.

Santo Domingo

Merengues vol. 1
Angel Viloria, Merengues vol. 1
Angel Viloria y su Conjunto Cibaeño, Merengues vol. 2 1975

01 – Mantecadito
02 – Reina mia
03 – Candelita
04 – Merengue sabroson
05 – Mi pareja
06 – Compay juanico
07 – Mi quisqueya
08 – El rabo
09 – Fortunata
10 – El difunto andres
11 – Apareja el burro
12 – Nena


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  1. Jhonatam 16 November 2021 at 20:10 - Reply

    No site Wikipedia está escrito que Dioris Valladares nasceu em São Pedro De Macorís

  2. Moos 16 November 2021 at 23:14 - Reply

    I would think Dioris’ son knows
    best where his father was born,
    don’t you think so .. ?

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