July 19, 2022

Captain Muddy Ibe and
his Nkwa Brothers System
Maka Ndi Uta
Cordos Records CORLP-021

Captain Muddy Ibe is a Nigerian highlife artists from the Onitsha
region. His style of music is quite similar to that of late Chief
Stephen Osita Osadebe. Very enjoyable sound. This album does
not have a year of release, but that can’t spoil the fun listening.
It was brought by Cordos Records, CORLP-021 ..


Ndi Ntise 1984
Muddy Ibe and his Nkwa brothers System 1981
Ndi Kwena Ndi Ekwena 1986
’83 1983

01 – Maka ndi uta
02 – New tarzan motor
03 – Ekwana nkwa emelueme


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  1. E 20 July 2022 at 06:28 - Reply

    Can hardly wait to get my feet muddy again. Cheers Moos

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