July 15, 2022

J.Y. Thorty & A.B. Crentsil
The Masters
ABC 1985

We have just received the tragic news of A.B. Crentsil’s
passing. He was a highlife legend from Ghana. We’ve
seen some of his records earlier, now let’s celebrate
his life through listening to this album from 1985.
Thank you for letting us know Kwabena.
RIP Alfred Benjamin Crentsil ..


Mewo Road 1982
Srekye Duku 1982
with Eric Agyeman, Highlife Stars One 1983
Tantie Alaba (Auntie Araba) 1984
Abrokyiri Abrabo 1986
Eric Agyeman, Highlife Safari

01 – Ebebo medin
02 – Bone nye
03 – Worried at times
04 – Nyame mmoa
05 – Yesu reba


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  1. Edwin Osae Jr. 15 July 2022 at 15:28 - Reply

    I was waiting for this, thank you for paying respects to the late great A.B. Crentsil. It’s extremely very sad and heartbreaking about the passing of this truly respected and appreciated Highlife music legend. I hope you will continue to post more of his beautiful Highlife albums from his Sweet Talks days to his days as a solo artist. The late A.B. Crentsil will be missed.

  2. Michael Ryan 16 July 2022 at 03:24 - Reply

    A great legend of Highlife (Moses& Atia and of cause Spiritual Ghana)
    We should be blessed to have many great performances in the last few
    years. I am thankful to have seen him at Tip Toe gardens in the late 80s
    Sadly missed Barima

  3. Kwabena Boakye 17 July 2022 at 02:56 - Reply

    Thank you for honoring our legend and sharing this wonderful album.
    A.B. Crentsil will be remembered for his stage craft with the “dondo” drum and how his songs appeal to both the young and old, having one of his last public performance with Quame Eugene, one of the new artists in the Ghanaian music industry.
    A.B. Crentsil is gone but his music will forever live on.

  4. E 20 July 2022 at 06:27 - Reply

    Very sad news made bittersweet by this tasteful tribute post. The ABC of Ghanaian highlife RIP

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