December 11, 2022

Prince Buster – Dance Cleopatra Dance
Blue Elephant Records 1972

Prince Buster wrote some ska killers that will never fade.
One of his dance floor killers is ‘Dance Cleopatra’. This album
from 1972 contains thirteen nice songs, but its opening track
remains the best. Madness is the song that gave the English
group their name. This is not an official career album, it is a
Dutch compilation on Blue Elephant Records. Some great
songs here. If you don’t have this record,
don’t hesitate to get it. Enjoy listening ..

Prince Buster schreef diverse gigantische hits die nooit zullen
vergaan. Één van die dansvloer killers is ‘Dance Cleopatra’. Dit
album bevat dertien goede nummers, maar de opener blijft de
bom. Madness is het nummer dat de Engelse groep zijn naam
verschafte. Dit is geen origineel carrière album, maar een Ne-
derlandse compilatie uit 1972 op Blue Elephant Records. Hij
bevat wat gouden songs. Als je’m nog niet hebt, twijfel
niet hem binnen te halen. Luisterplezier dus ..

more Busters

01 – Dance cleopatra
02 – Madness
03 – Take it easy
04 – Oh love
05 – Times to risc
06 – 007
07 – Come to jamaica
08 – Cincinatty kid
09 – More over
10 – Sounds and pressure
11 – On the beach
12 – Al capone
13 – Waiting for my rude girl

bonus track
14 – Al capone (best version)


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    Hi Moos, just want to say a huge thank you for all that you post on this blog. You have opened my eyes to so many wonderful tunes over the years. All the best and thank you again!

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