February 19, 2023

Mike Ejeagha and his Premier Dance Band
Onye Nwe Ona Ebe, Onye Enwero Ana Ebe
Polydor 1982

Always a pleasure listening to story teller Mike Ejeagha.
His Igbo highlife is very relaxed, in a style compared to
that of Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe, Ali Chukwumah
or Celestine Ukwu, to name a few. The latter started his
career under the guidance of Mike Ejeagha. We can’t
have enough of his fine records, listen ..

Het is altijd een genoegen naar zijn platen te luisteren,
zelfs als ze een beetje ruis met zich meebrengen. De
Igbo highlife van Mike Ejeagha is zeer ontspannen, in
een stijl te vergelijken met die van Chief Stephen Osita
Osadebe, Ali Chukwumah of Celestine Ukwu, om er maar
een paar te noemen. De laatste begon zijn carrière onder
de bezielende leiding van Mike Ejeagha. We kunnen
nooit genoeg van zijn muziek hebben, luister ..

soon to come, movie ‘Gentleman’.

Onye Ndidi 1975
Jaa’m Mma Na Ndu 1983
Ugo Mma 1982
Akuko Negwu vol. 3 1985
Onye Mkpesa 1987
Akuko N’egwu Original vol. 2 1984
Akuko N’egwu vol. 1 1983

01 – Onye nwe ona ebe
—- Onye enwero ana ebe
02 – Onye lua nya lie
03 – Nke onye adi nya njo


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  1. DiJiT 20 February 2023 at 01:32 - Reply

    Mike Ejeagha is so unique. I especially love the trio work. Pretty sure I discovered him here and have since gotten everything I could find. Thanks for keeping my fire burning bright, Moos!! Much appreciated!!

  2. E 1 March 2023 at 05:12 - Reply

    A nice addition to his pantheon and a sweet piece of head candy for our ears. An uplifting warm session to listen to after a big dump of snow here in the Pacific northwest. A fine way to end February. Thanks Moos

  3. DiJiT 15 March 2023 at 02:42 - Reply

    Hope you are well, Moos. I just heard a new (to me) juju artist, Emperor Wale Olateju. He only has 2 LPs listed on Discogs, but if there’s a chance YOU have any to share? I figured you would have already, but worth asking.
    Also, I have never had any issues with your files. Everything @ 320 on my end!!
    Thanks for all you do, always.

    • Moos 15 March 2023 at 06:31 - Reply

      Hi DiJit,
      good to hear about the @320,
      concerning Emperor Wale Olateju,
      I’m sorry to say I don’t know him
      and have none of the above albums.
      I’ll keep an aye open though ..

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