May 28, 2023

Taj Mahal
Warner Brothers 1977

Recently we had this album called Conjure, ‘Music for the Texts
of Ishmael Reed’. The main singer was Taj Mahal of whom we
find this Original Motion Picture Sound Track today. The movie
‘Brothers’ from 1977. Very mellow jazz fusion with calypso steel
drum and Taj’ great voice, just right for your Sunday afternoon ..

Kort geleden hadden we de plaat van Conjure, ‘Music for the Texts
of Ishmael Reed’. De lead zanger was Taj Mahal van wie we vandaag
deze Sound Track vinden van de film ‘Brothers’ uit 1977. Lekkere
relaxte jazz fusion met calypso steel drums en de warme stem van
Taj Mahal. Net wat je wil op je rustige zondagmiddag ..

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Conjure, ‘Music for the Texts
of Ishmael Reed’

01 – Love theme in the key of D
02 – Funky butt
03 – Brother’s doin’ time
04 – Night rider
05 – Free the brothers
06 – Sentidos dulce (sweet feelings)
07 – The funeral march
08 – Malcolm’s song
09 – David and angela


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  1. Robert 6 June 2023 at 17:46 - Reply

    Love it, Moos. Thanks! Fairly unknown Taj.

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