Aparecida – Aparecida, CID 1975

I first heard Aparecida on ‘Roda de Samba’, also from 1975,( see earlier this past week ) so when I found this record at that tiny
shack, back in Rua 7 de setembro, in Rio, it made me very happy.Produced by Durval Ferreira and with the participation of
Chicinho de Acordeon this is a very pure piece of samba.


1 Marea Oxum
2 Vovó Catarina
3 Terreiro de Mae Nazinha
4 Talunde
5 Tereza Aragao
6 A Maria começa a beber
7 Meu Sao Bebedito
8 Segredos do mar
9 Inferno verde
10 Se segura Zé
11 Nana boroquê


5 thoughts on “Aparecida – Aparecida, CID 1975

  1. This is so perfect!!!! I want to tattoo the sound on the inside of my skull with ink that blinks to the swinging of my limbs. Love it 🙂

    Paul in Brooklyn

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