Brazil – Forro,Globe Style 1989

Forro is roots music, ( as quoted on backcover ) the unvarnished
Rock’n’Roll of the Brazilian North East. Driving rhythm
on button accordeons called ‘Sanfonas’,
‘Gumbo’, Brazilian style.


1 Toinho de Alagoas – Balanço da canoa
2 Duda da Passira – De Pernambuco ao Manhao
3 José Orlando – Eu també quero beijar
4 Toinho de Alagoas – Bicho da cara preta
5 Heleno dos oitos baixos – Começo de verao
6 Toinho de Alagoas – Peça licença p’ra falar de Alagoas
7 Duda da Passira – Recordaçao da Passira
8 José Orlando – Agricultor p’ra frente
9 Heleno dos oitos baixos – Entre e sai
10 José Orlando – Linda menina
11 Duda da Passira – Casa de tauba
12 José Orlando – Morena da palmeira
13 Toinho de Alagoas – Caráter duro
14 José Orlando – Minha Zezé
15 Toinho de Alagoas – Sonho de amor
16 Toinho de Alagoas – Namoro no escuro
17 Duda da Passira – Forró da minha terra


3 thoughts on “Brazil – Forro,Globe Style 1989

  1. This is, like, the greatest album ever. Nice to find it on, like, the greatest music blog ever. Ok, so maybe I exaggerate a tad on the record, but I have yet to find a better music blog. Thanks so much!

  2. This is a very exciting album. I didn’t know there was such a genre of music. I love Zydeco & Cajun music from Louisiana, and this reminds me of that because of the exuberant accordions. Thank you again!

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