Los Teen Agers – Se Armó La Pachanga
Zeida 196?

Los Teenagers, front

This Colombian group plays it’s Pachanga very smooth,
you can see and hear that these guys are having fun playing
their music. Great cover, great record.


1 Pachanga del futbol
2 Suby aniversitario
3 Pancho y Ramona
4 Dolores
5 Pachanga bum bum
6 Maria Conchita
7 Vete pal colegio
8 No bailo con Juana
9 Muñequita
10 Echale tierra y tapalo
11 Perez Prado a lo Teen Agers


5 thoughts on “Los Teen Agers – Se Armó La Pachanga
Zeida 196?

  1. well….this LP is awesome!!…i like very much my friend…i’m from Mexico…

    the “Pancho y Ramona”‘s verison… have an awesome swing…I like it…just know other 3…or 4 versions…but this…noo!!!…thank you very much…


    P.D. check my blog…and you can see many re-mastered songs on CD by DISCOS FUENTES,…I have a very very little collection…

  2. Came across a copy of the Los Teen Agers on Zeida 2015. Never saw a copy before. Might list it on Ebay soon if anyone wants it. Only four guys instead of the 5 I see on your copy. Regards. Scott Neuman / Forevervinyl.com

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