Master Mwana – Congo
Eddy’son Consortium Mondial 198?

Early eighties Soukous by Master Mwana,
I must say, I never heard of Master Mwana untill I found this LP
on the last Musicfair in Utrecht.
At the musicianssection we see the participation of Pablo
Lubadika Porthos, we’ll meet him again later.


1 Tika Ndeko
2 Bamba
3 Nyomba mboukoutou
4 Brigitte
5 Vieya bana


3 thoughts on “Master Mwana – Congo
Eddy’son Consortium Mondial 198?

  1. Thanks for posting this. Master Mwana Congo is not called master for nothing. Most famous of course for colloboration with Pamelo Mounk’a Brazza legend. Pamelo’s Lps, which I have most ,have been re released on Cds by Ibrahim Sylla’s Syllart. Master deserves more fame such as Papa Noel- a fellow Congolese- recently received. Maybe Master is old now, and hard life worn him out. A film would be good like the one about Wendo Kolossy- not that I have seen it yet, but I’m glad it exists.

    Master adorned a golden age of Congolese music, now sadly gone. Paul from Sydney.

  2. thanks for putting together a very cool and useful site. I have heard some of the music posted before on the BBC andy kershaw radio programs but it is Good to be able to hear the whole LPs. Keep up the good work I say and hpoefully we will be able to fill in some of your wanted music


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