M’Bilia Bel – Boya Ye,Stern’s 1985

The London Stern’s label always stands for solid releases.
With 3 out of 4 songs written, and all songs produced by
Tabu Ley this album is really worth it’s while.


1 Boya ye
2 Maeta vi
3 Shawuri yako
4 Tonton skol


5 thoughts on “M’Bilia Bel – Boya Ye,Stern’s 1985

  1. Thanks. Different cover from my Boya ye lp and track 2 is new to me. Great site. Since you’re in holland, how about some kaseko or Curacao tumba?


  2. I think my copy is a re-release, aparently slightly different from the original.
    About that kaseko and Curaçaostuff,
    I’ll dive into that, stay tuned and thanks for reacting.

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