Pablo Lubadika Porthos -Ma Coco, Discafrique 1981

Do you know that moment of recognition, when you let your fingers
run through a pile of LP’s and then you see it, Okay, Yes …
My first african single was ” Madeleina ” by Pablo and lately
I found myself this original, great moment.
By the way, Master Mwana is also joining the session.
So, I love your music Pablo, but look around
you man, cheer up !


1 Ma Coco
2 Mbongo Mokonzi
3 Madeleina
4 Bo mbanda


3 thoughts on “Pablo Lubadika Porthos -Ma Coco, Discafrique 1981

  1. Hey! Thanks for this Moos: just posted ‘Madeleina’ over at mine from an old compilation tape I got from The Observer, did a search on the orginal album and found you. Lovely stuff!

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