the Latin Brothers – En El Caribe
Discos Fuentes 1987

One of Colombia’s finest Salsagroups is without any doubt ‘the Latin
Brothers’, being part of the ‘Discos Fuentes’ family they enjoy all the
benefits. As I found out before, this is a close group of musicians.
‘Julio Ernesto Estrada’ or ‘Fruko’, is in charge of the ‘Dirección
General’, and that shows. This recording was made with 8
different singers, and they all know what they’re doing.
Check the listing below.


1 Tremendo cachetero
2 A pesar
3 Juanita y su camarita
4 Curiche
5 Que voy a hacer
6 El hablador
7 El color del amor
8 Amor ausente
9 Pegaso
10 Compay José
11 Que hare sin ti
12 Que me coma el tigre

the tracknumbers and their singers;

1 Joseito Martinez
2 Moris Jiménez
3 La India Melyará
4 Alvaro Pava
5 Macondo
6 Harlan Venner
7 Moris Jiménez
8 Chucho Nuncira
9 Alba Nur
10 Chucho Nuncira
11 Joseito Martinez
12 Alvaro Pava


5 thoughts on “the Latin Brothers – En El Caribe
Discos Fuentes 1987

  1. Latin Brothers rock!! Thank so much for this music. Haven’t unpacked yet, but am settling in for a nice listen.

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