Pacheco – Tres de Cafe y Dos de Azucar
Fania 1973

This here LP is a real treasure, I played it over and over, and over
again. From ’73 this Johnny Pacheco with singer Pete ‘El Conde’
Rodriguez, a Fania beauty. It’s a shame that no musicians are credited
here, ‘Tres de Cafe, Dos de Azucar, Ponle Punto’. Produced by
‘Jerry Masucci’ and ‘Johnny Pacheco’. Fantastic background
vocals, great rhythms, ” Azucar !”


1 Primoroso cantar
2 Cositas buenas
3 Ponle punto
4 La gloria eres tu
5 Los diablitos
6 El piro de farra
7 Son labori
8 Harina con boniato
9 Bajo el viejo cristal
10 Viralo al reves


5 thoughts on “Pacheco – Tres de Cafe y Dos de Azucar
Fania 1973

  1. Hoi “Moos”,

    Ziet er goed uit!
    Heb deze gedownload en kreeg meteen zin om bij El Rancho een lekker beef De lomo te gaan eten 😉

    Keep up the good work.



  2. i just found your blog – and have already a lot of fun!!! love esp. the Fuentes & Fania things here! Thank you very much for your work & sharing!!!

  3. oiga mi llave siga tirando de la fania de sar y de fuente…eso si es musica brava……gracias—gracias

  4. Greetings Moos. Thanks for posting things that I have on vinyl but not digitally. Now I can enjoy them at work and through my headphones.

    Also here is the information on the musicians on this set:
    -Johnny Pacheco Leader, percussion, flute, vocals, coro
    -Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez Lead singer, percussion
    -Héctor “Bomberito” Zarzuela Lead trumpet
    -Victor Venegas Bass
    -Charlie Rodríguez “Tribilin” Tres
    -Luis Mangual Bongos
    -Ray Maldonado Trumpet
    -Ray Castro Coro

    Take care,

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